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Postdoctoral Training

We offer and support a number of postdoctoral training programs connected to our department's related fields. Browse below to learn more about these educational opportunities.

Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiology & Prevention Fellowship

This fellowship focuses on cardiovascular prevention research, with a strong emphasis on mentorship. Each trainee works closely with at least two mentors who are recognized experts in their fields.


Behavioral and Psychosocial Research Training Program in Cancer Prevention and Control

This NCI-funded T32 postdoctoral program is a part of the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University. Trainees learn to work at the interface between behavioral and social science, technology, clinical oncology and cancer biology.


Multidisciplinary Training Program in Digital Mental Health

This program provides training, research and mentorship opportunities in both mental health and human-computer interaction research to prepare the next generation of digital mental health scientists to tackle the challenges of the field.


Postdoctoral Fellowship in Systems Biology and Clinical Data Management

The Successful Clinical Response In Pneumonia Therapy (SCRIPT) Systems Biology Center is hiring a postdoctoral fellow to work at the intersection of systems biology and clinical data management. The fellow will collaborate with an interdisciplinary team of clinicians, biologists, geneticists, and data scientists to develop tools to improve the management of multi-faceted data to support systems biology research.


Strategically Focused Research Network (SFRN) Training Program on Inflammatory Cardiovascular Disease

This fellowship training program runs through the American Heart Association's Strategically Focused Research Network center. The center advances understanding of inflammation and CVD, and provides fellowship opportunities for postdoctoral fellows to research inflammatory factors that lead to heart failure along with training and mentorship.



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