Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Department of Preventive Medicine

About the Department

We are multidisciplinary health scientists who focus on improving health and preventing disease across the life course in individuals and diverse populations.

We conduct innovative, collaborative research to understand the etiology and mechanisms of health, well-being and disease, and to test and disseminate strategies for health promotion and disease prevention. We also train and empower the next generation of health scientists to address our foremost public health challenges.

We develop, apply, and teach cutting-edge research methods, informatics, data analytics, and technologies to understand and enhance health from molecular, individual, community and global perspectives.

We aim to advance the science of health promotion and disease prevention to create measurable and meaningful improvement in human health.

Our training activities include an NHLBI-funded T32 post-doctoral research training program in cardiovascular epidemiology and prevention for both PhD and MD graduates. Our faculty members and staff are highly engaged in teaching and mentoring within the pre-doctoral master’s degree programs in public health (MPH), biostatistics (MS), and medical informatics (MMI). We also mentor students, trainees and junior faculty in population health science disciplines through participation in our trans-disciplinary research programs.

The Department of Preventive Medicine collaborates with the Institute of Public Health & Medicine (IPHAM). Our faculty and staff participate in many Center and Program activities, most notably activities within the Center for Population Health Sciences and the Center for Behavior and Health. For more information, please visit the IPHAM website.

We collaborate across multiple departments, centers and schools within Feinberg and Northwestern and beyond, support the research of allied investigators, and engage members of local, state, and national health agencies in developing and implementing evidence-based clinical and community programs for health promotion and disease prevention. 

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