Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Department of Preventive Medicine

Preventive Medicine Research Clinic


The Department’s clinic space occupies 10,184 square feet of space on the 14th floor of the 680 N. Lake Shore Drive building, and is connected to the administrative and faculty offices for the department.  In addition to office and workstation space for clinic staff, the clinic includes 19 exam/interview rooms, a modern laboratory for processing biological specimens, a phlebotomy area with three stations for drawing blood, and two rooms for exercise assessment and training.  The exam/interview rooms easily accommodate equipment such as an ultrasound machine, a BOD POD for measuring body mass, and other large-sized equipment.  In addition, the clinic offers a comfortable, open reception area; a conference room; a kitchen in which participant snacks are prepared; space for multiple file cabinets; and three private restrooms, one of which contains a shower.


Our Staff

The staff of the Clinic consists of the Clinic Manager, a Project Coordinator for each ongoing study, lab personnel trained in phlebotomy and biological sample processing, and many health interviewers that perform the majority of the procedures during the research participants' visits. These staff are extensively trained and certified in all aspects of the study visits, and ongoing re-training and re-certification occurs at least annually.