Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Department of Preventive Medicine


Primary Mentors

(listed in alphabetical order)

NameRank; Department; University AffiliationResearch Interests/involvement in the Training Program

Carnethon, Mercedes (PhD)

Associate Professor of Preventive Medicine

Risk factors for and cardiovascular complications of diabetes and obesity

Cella, David (PhD)

Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, and the Institute for Healthcare Studies

Quality of life (QOL) measurement in clinical trials, cross-cultural equivalence of QOL measurement, efficacy of psychosocial interventions in oncology, and medical outcomes research

Greenland, Philip (MD)

Harry W. Dingman Professor and Executive Associate Dean for Clinical and Translational Research

Epi and prevention of coronary atherosclerosis, risk prediction, noninvasive measures of atherosclerosis

Liu, Kiang (PhD)

Professor of Preventive Medicine and Associate Chair for Research

Analysis of prospective epi studies; epi of hypertension and atherosclerotic disease

Lloyd-Jones, Donald (MD, ScM)

Chair, Professor of Preventive Medicine and Medicine (Cardiology)

Lifetime risk estimation; ECG abnormalities

McDermott, Mary (MD)

Professor of Medicine and Preventive Medicine

Peripheral Artery Disease

Spring, Bonnie (PhD)

Professor of Preventive Medicine, Psychology and Psychiatry 

Behavioral risk factors for CVD particularly obesity, physical inactivity, poor quality diet, and smoking

Stamler, Jeremiah (MD)

Professor Emeritus of Preventive Medicine, former Department Chair, and previous T32 Program Director

Role of lifestyles (population-wide habits of eating, drinking, smoking and physical activity) and lifestyle-related risk factors underlying CVD

Van Horn, Linda (RD,PhD)

Professor of Preventive Medicine

Role of diet in the prevention and treatment of cardiometabolic diseases including coronary heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and cancer

Secondary Mentors

(listed in alphabetical order)

NameRank; Department; University AffiliationResearch Interests/ involvement in the Training Program

Allen, Norrina (PhD, MPH)

Associate Professor of Preventive Medicine

Neighborhood and environment on CVD; disparities in quality of care and outcomes; health services research

Hou, Lifang (MD, PhD)

Professor of Preventive Medicine

Biological mechanisms of environmental risk factors; epigenetics; genetics

Huffman, Mark (MD, MPH)

Associate Professor of Preventive Medicine and Medicine (Cardiology)

CV Epidemiology, Preventive Cardiology, Global CV Disease; Cochrane Heart Group; clinical trials

Kershaw, Kiarri (PhD, MPH)

Assistant Professor of Preventive Medicine

Cardiovascular disease health disparities; Racial residential segregation and health; Biological mechanisms relating psychosocial stress and health

Labarthe, Darwin (MD, PhD)

Professor of Preventive Medicine (part-time)

Global CVD; Optimal cardiovascular health; translation of CVD research into policy; career mentoring

Quaggin, Susan (MD)

Professor of Medicine (Nephrology); Director of Feinberg CV Institute

Vascular Biology; Kidney Disease; genetic and molecular pathways that establish and maintain vascular structure

Rasmussen-Torvik, Laura (MPH, PhD)

Asstistant Professor of Preventive Medicine

Genetics of CVD, Diabetes, and Obesity; GWAS studies; translation of GWAS into clinical care

Shah, Sanjiv (MD)

Associate Professor of Medicine (Cardiology)

Echocardiography, cardiovascular physiology, heart failure, pulmonary hypertension

Starren, Justin (MD, PhD)

Professor of Preventive Medicine, Biomedical Informatics

Healthcare computing; medical decision-making; electronic health records and data warehouses

Yancy, Clyde (MD)

Professor of Medicine (Cardiology)

Heart Failure; comparative effectiveness research; mentoring and career counseling

Zee, Phyllis (MD)

Professor of Neurology and Director of the Sleep Disorders Program

Sleep disorders; population based of sleep and circadian timing in cardio-metabolic disease risk