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Clinical psychology doctoral training

Dr. Hitsman is a mentor for the Behavioral Medicine emphasis in the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine Clinical Psychology Doctoral program. Dr. Hitsman is interested in working with students with interest and experience in the areas of nicotine dependence and smoking cessation, clinical trials, biological and behavioral mechanisms of addiction, smoking cessation in health care settings, and comorbid psychological and medical disease.

If you are interested in applying to the program, please see more information on the Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program website.

Undergraduate research training

We are seeking interns interested in clinical and health psychology to help conduct the day to day tasks of running clinical trials. Minimum requirement of 10 hours per week. Position is located at the Chicago (medical) campus. Specific duties include:

  1. Phone calls: Conducting initial telephone eligibility screening and scheduling; obtaining medical clearance when candidates present with specific medical conditions.  Completing reminder calls for upcoming sessions.
  2. Scanning:  all participant data into MS Access database and completing data quality assurance checks per study protocol.
  3. Assisting participants in completing study questionnaires.
  4. Preparing/maintaining protocol materials and participant study charts.
  5. Assisting with biological sample collection, storage and shipment.

We are currently accepting applications for interns! If you would like to apply, please e-mail your resume or CV and contact information to Anna Veluz-Wilkins at

Current and past research interns

Alyssa Czerniak (2009-2012, DePaul University), Jordan Teige (2009-10,DePaul University), Roxanna De La Torre (2010, DePaul University), Casey Ravitz (2010-11, DePaul University), Urshila Desani (2010, Northwestern University), Jackie Cudia (2011-12, DePaul University), John Solomon (2011-12, DePaul University), Vishal Naik (2012, University of Illinois), Christina Lee (2012, Northwestern University), Catherine Paez (2013, St. Louis University),  Carolyn Resner (2013, DePaul University), Taylor Billings (2013, Northwestern University), Golnaz Rahimi (2013-14, Northwestern University), Jessica Powers (2013-2015, Northwestern University), Kathy Yang Xie (2015, Northwestern University), Isabel Pina (2015, Northwestern University), Jessica Yang (2015, Northwestern University), Caroline Grant (2015-16, Northwestern University), Jelani Newsome-Noble (2015-16, Depaul University), Claire Trainor (2015-16, Depaul University), Maddy Newman (2016, University of Wisconsin), Asiya Cummings (2016, University of Chicago), & Nepheli Raptis (2016-Present, Northwestern University).

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Brian L Hitsman, PhD

Associate Professor of Preventive Medicine (Behavioral Medicine) and Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences