Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Department of Preventive Medicine


The Division of Nutrition within the Department of Preventive medicine is committed to integrating nutrition training into programs here at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, as well as developing and providing public education that can lead to healthier communities.

Our faculty:

Innovative Directions in Medical Nutrition Education

Clinical Nutrition Medical Student Training Program: Through generous funding from the JR Albert Foundation, the Department of Preventive Medicine has developed a unique clinical nutrition education training program for NUFSM medical students. This project addresses dual objectives not typically included in most medical school curricula. Following online education in maternal-fetal nutrition, students are trained in providing nutritional assessment and diet counseling. The clinical nutrition training program provides nutritional assessment and intervention to underprivileged pregnant patients attending the Prentice Ambulatory Care (PAC) clinic. Under the supervision of a specially trained dietitian/preceptor, third year medical students are provided “hands-on” training in nutrition counseling by interacting with these patients. Healthy, pregnant, underserved patients are thus provided with nutrition education that would normally be unavailable to most of them, while simultaneously serving as a training ground for future physicians. The dietitian as the preceptor assures the overall quality and continuity of the program. Both students and patients have responded very favorably to this approach. Data are currently being collected to determine patient perception of the program and feasibility for applications for NIH funding.

Participate in the Keep Your Heart Healthy Project; teaching medical students the relevant nutrition and hypertension related background, diet assessment methods and diet counseling techniques needed to effectively interact with outpatients in the outpatient community setting