Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Department of Preventive Medicine



        Research Interest                                                  

Carnethon, Mercedes

Content Based:  Cardiovascular diseases; diabetes; obesity; sleep; health disparities; mentoring in the health sciences

Methodology:  Study design; population-based recruitment; longitudinal studies

Evans, Charlesnika

Content Based: general infectious disease, healthcare-associated infections, HIV, influenza, epidemiology, antimicrobial prescribing, spinal cord injury, veterans 

Methodology: design and analysis of observational studies, analysis of electronic health record data and large claims databases, implementation designs, use of mixed methodology (qualitative and quantitative)

Greenland, Philip

Content Based:: Cardiology; risk factors; risk prediction; prevention of cardiovascular disease; medical editing; mentoring

Methodology: cohort studies; case-control studies; observational studies; clinical trials; predictive models

Huffman, Mark

Content Based: global cardiovascular epidemiology, prevention, and outcomes

Methods: clinical trials, systematic reviews

Kershaw, Kiarri N.

Content Based: health disparities; social determinants of health; cardiovascular diseases; adverse pregnancy outcomes

Methodology: study design; cohort studies; observational studies

Liu, Lei

Methodology: Adaptive design in early phase clinical trials; Analysis of medical cost data; Causal inference in observational studies; Epigenetics; High dimensional data analysis; Joint models of longitudinal and survival data; Longitudinal data analysis; Personalized medicine and Pharmacogenetics; Recursive Partitioning; Recurrent Events; Survival analysis

Rasmussen-Torvik, Laura Jarmila

Content Based: Pharmacogenetics; Diabetes; CVD; Obesity; Bariatric Surgery; Heart Failure; Pregnancy; Genetic testing

Methodology: Genetic epidemiology including analysis of GWAS and NGS data; traditional epidemiology; study design; use of electronic health records and clinical, genetic, and epidemiologic research; implementation of genetic testing into clinical practice

Soulakis, Nicholas Dean

Content Based: Population Health, Epidemiological Surveillance, Quality Improvement

Methodology: Public Health Informatics, Time-series Analysis, Graph Theory