Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Department of Preventive Medicine

Biostatistics Faculty


Research Interests

Andrei, Adi

Content-based: Anesthesiology; Atrial Fibrillation Surgery; Cardiac surgery outcomes; Cardiovascular Diseases; Genetics; Oncology; Surgery;

Methodology: Outcome Measures

Braun, Rosemary

Content-based: Bioinformatics; Biophysics; Cancer Biology; Cancer Genetics; Computational Biology; Genomics;

Methodology: Characterize the networks of interactions that lead to the emergence of complex phenotypes, particularly cancer; Integrative, systems-level analysis of high-dimensional genomic and proteomic data

Chmiel, Joan

Content-based: Epidemiology of HIV-1 infection; Epidemiology; HIV Infection; Osteoarthritis; Public Health

Methodology: Clinical trial design and analysis; Clinical Trial Methodology; Statistical methods for the design and analysis of clinical and epidemiological studies of cancer, osteoarthritis and AIDS

Ciolino, Jody

Content-based: Ophthalmology; Neurology; Pediatrics and child health; Gastroenterology

Methodology: Clinical Trial Methodology; Clinical trial design; Interim analyses; Randomization; Conditional power; Assessing baseline covariate imbalance in clinical trial data;

Dunlop, Dorothy

Content-based: Aging, Disability; Epidemiology; Health economics; Health Services Research; Physical activity; Public Health; Rheumatology;

Methodology: Applied longitudinal data analysis; Cost effectiveness

Dyer, Alan

Content-based: Cardiovascular System; Epidemiology; Obesity;

Methodology: Cardiovascular and nutritional epidemiology, particularly the role of nutritional factors in the development of high blood pressure and obesity; Measurement error and regression dilution bias on associations in observational epidemiologic studies; Prevention and control of overweight and obesity in both adults and children; The development of empirically-based criteria for the diagnosis of gestational diabetes;

Hahn, Elizabeth

Content-based: Cancer Communications; Health Communications; Health Disparities; Health Literacy;

Methodology: Health Services Research; Patient Reported Outcomes; Patient-reported outcomes and patient-provider communication in chronic illnesses, Underserved populations and health disparities; Surveys

Jovanovic, Borko

Content-based: Cancer: Colon and Rectal; Cancer: Prostate; Drugs (clinical pharmacology); Preventive Medicine; Public Health;

Methodology: Clinical Trial Methodology; Translational Research

Kim, Kwang-Youn

Content-based: Asthma; Cardiovascular Imaging; Genetics; Genomics; Health Literacy; Health Policy; Infectious Diseases;

Methodology: Characterizing gene-gene and gene-environment interactions in successfully identifying disease genes; Gene expression in the mammalian eye; Genomic studies with high-throughput microarray data; Statistical methods and computational tools to identify genes involved in Mendelian and complex genetic disorders

Kwasny, Mary

Content-based: Dermatology; Gastroenterology; Gestational Weight Gain; Neurology;

Methodology: Data misclassification or mismeasurement especially in regards to anthropometric measures, and changes in those measures over time

Lee, Jungwha (Julia)

Content-based: Arthritis; Osteoarthritis; Public Health; Rheumatology;

Methodology: Methodological issues relevant to the development and evaluation of risk prediction; Partial population attributable fraction; Statistical methods in epidemiology, longitudinal data analysis, and multilevel analysis

Liu, Kiang

Content-based: Cardiovascular Diseases; Cardiovascular Epidemiology; Cardiovascular System; Epidemiology;

Methodology: Statistical methodology for epidemiologic research

Rademaker, Alfred

Content-based: Alzheimer's Disease; Bioinformatics; Blood (leukemia, lymphomas); Cancer: Colon and Rectal; Cancer: Prostate; Dermatology;

Methodology: Clinical Trial Methodology; Diagnostic and screening studies; Early phase cancer studies; Statistical analysis; Study design and sample size determination

Scholtens, Denise

Content-based: Bioinformatics; Computational Biology;

Methodology: Statistical problems arising from high-throughput genomics and proteomics data as they pertain to computational biology

Siddique, Juned

Content-based: Behavioral Medicine; Health Services Research; Nutrition, Dietetics; Physical activity; Preventive Medicine; Psychiatry; Public Health;

Methodology: Incomplete and latent data; Multiple imputation for missing data and latent variable modeling in comparative effectiveness research

Vonesh, Edward

Content-based: Cancer: Breast; Cancer: Prostate; Circulation; Epidemiology; Nephrology;

Methodology: Generalized linear and nonlinear mixed-effects models and Longitudinal data analysis; Outcomes research as it pertains to survival analysis and causal inference

Welty, Leah

Content-based: Environmental Health; Epidemiology; Health Disparities; HIV Infection; Psychiatry;

Methodology: Application of biostatistics to psychiatric epidemiology and environmental research; Bayesian methods to estimate generalized linear models with distributed lags formulating covariance models for random fields; Estimating likelihoods for very large data sets, using algae levels in Lake Michigan

Zhao, Lihui

Content-based: Cardiovascular Diseases; Epidemiology; HIV Infection; Peripheral Vascular Disease; Public Health;

Methodology: Clinical Trial Methodology; Design and analysis of clinical trials; Longitudinal data analysis; Methodology development to integrate information about patients’ baseline characteristics to individualize treatment choice; Survival and event history analysis