Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Department of Preventive Medicine


The NCI training grant is a full-time T32 postdoctoral research training program in behavioral and psychosocial aspects of cancer prevention and control funded by the National Cancer Institute.  The training program is based in the division of Behavioral Medicine in Preventive Medicine and in Medical Social Sciences.

The division serves as the base of learning resources in interdisciplinary Team Science.  Resources include the Team Science online learning modules, the team science graduate course in the MSCI program. Team Science-- Addressing today’s complex problems requires the high degree of cross-disciplinary collaboration, referred to as “Team Science”.  This course offers practical guidance about how best to engage in team science to: pursue complex science questions, work effectively with team members, and produce high impact research outcomes that help meet society’s needs

 MSCI 307  Team Science

Learning resources for Evidence Based Behavioral Practice are also developed and housed in the division