Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Department of Preventive Medicine

Hitsman Lab


From left to right: Amanda Mathew, Golnaz Rahimi, Samantha Giovannetti, Michael Maloney, Nancy Jao, Brian Hitsman, Anna Veluz-Wilkins, Emmanuel Cordova, and Allison Carroll.

The Nicotine Dependence and Treatment Lab conducts NIH-funded clinical and human laboratory research to improve the treatment of nicotine dependence in high tobacco burden populations. These special populations smoke at high rates, experience low quit rates, and have limited access to effective treatments. Our clinical trial work focuses on 1) modifying the delivery of evidence-based treatment to increase reach (e.g., telephone-based treatment) and effectiveness (e.g., extended duration treatment); and 2) evaluating novel targeted interventions that combine psychological and pharmacological therapies. In addition to our interest in smoking cessation, we examine the effects of smoking cessation on psychological and cardiovascular health. Our human laboratory studies are concerned with identifying psychological and neurobiological factors that maintain smoking and nicotine dependence.

Brian L Hitsman, PhD

Associate Professor of Preventive Medicine (Behavioral Medicine) and Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences